We are LIVING IN AN ELECTROMAGNETIC WORLD, and the “safe” technologies we use every day are actually creating various health issues for many people. One minute, everything will be fine. The next minute, however, there is a sharp unexpected pain and then nothing is the same. Dizziness, fatigue, headache, high blood pressure, hot flashes, irregular heartbeats, irritability, light sensitivity, muscle weakness, and skin rashes are just some of the symptoms for people who develop sensitivity to “EMFs,” or electromagnetic fields, and these people are then often unable to go anywhere where this is Wifi.

It’s practically impossible to avoid EMFs. You can usually get a signal on your cell phone even in relatively remote areas, and the risks are higher if you live in a city or in close proximity to a cell phone tower or electrical substation. The very powerful telecommunications industry does not want the truth to be what it is and also does not want that truth to be known. Moreover, we also don’t want the truth to be what it is. We want to believe we can use our cell phones and laptops as much as we like without any negative impact on our health. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, literally thousands of published peer reviewed studies have documented detrimental effects of EMF exposures on the human body, including: behavioral changes, blood-brain barrier damage, cardiovascular problems, cellular and molecular effects, genetic effects, hormonal disturbance, impaired concentration and learning, metabolic effects, and sleeping disorders.

There is no magic device you can buy that will suddenly make EMFs safe. While there is a growing market of devices that has developed to provide people with a “quick fix” to make EMFs safe, most of these devices are not fully effective and could lull you into a false sense of security. The key to effectively dealing with EMFs is honestly just plain avoidance and reduction. So, here are just a few easy ideas for you to implement to help in that regard:

What can I do?:

—Spend less than two hours a day on your cell phone and less than four hours a day on your computer…maybe even choose a day each week to completely stay off your phone and computer;

—Never carry your cell phone right on your body and, whenever possible, use the speaker phone feature to keep your cell phone away from your head while talking;

—Do not use your cell phone when you are in your car or otherwise traveling; 

—Turn your cell phone OFF or to “airplane mode” when you go to bed at night;

—Replace your Wifi installation with wired internet;

—Never place your computer right on your lap while you are using it;

—Stay away from a Wifi router or fuse box, even on the other side of the wall;

—Keep your phone or computer at least six feet away while charging;

—Replace your microwave oven with conventional cooking equipment;

—Replace metal beds and metal box springs with a wooden bed frame;

—Replace your wireless burglar alarm with a wired security system;

—Switch off your game consoles, e.g. Xbox or Playstation, when not in use; and

–Most importantly, get outside and play in nature on a regular basis!