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Epigenetics tells us that your genes do not dictate the conditions of your life and your health, but that environment and various influences can affect which of your genes actually express themselves!

I can help you increase your overall level of energy, joy, and vitality as you begin to understand the effects of your choices, learn which choices are best for you, and discover your intrinsic ability to enjoy a life filled with youthful enthusiasm! You will understand that YOU are indeed much more in control of your health and wellbeing than you ever imagined! 

I was beyond fortunate as a child. But things have not always been great over the years...

I grew up a freckled red-headed surfer girl in Hawaii — the land of paradise. I loved the ocean, playing in waves, the trade winds, and the smell of flowers in the air. I loved the diversity of cultures, the different ways of looking at life, and the myriad of delicious foods. Spending time around the ocean was a continual reminder that my problems were small in comparison to the vastness of the universe. I thought this was the way of life — a way of life that would continue into eternity for myself, my children, and their children. As I grew older, I went to college, became an attorney, got married, and had children, who would vacation with me in Hawaii.

In my early 20s, however, I had learned I have Crohn’s disease. I figured this was something strange about me - a little bit of a nuisance unique to me but certainly not debilitating. Over time, however, I also learned that my children both had neurological issues. I still believed this was unique to us. There was something strange about our immune systems. But as I shared our story with others, I learned just how many more people were running into similar problems.

Then I became aware of two conflicting scenarios that piqued my interest. In both cases, a young teen had begun experiencing schizophrenic symptoms such as having auditory and visual hallucinations. In both cases, the young teen is taken to a psychiatrist and is prescribed an antipsychotic medication. In the first scenario, the child gets a wild hair and, though not advised by her doctor, first tries eliminating gluten from her diet. With the suggestion of her mother, she thought she’d see what 2-3 weeks of going gluten-free did for her if anything, but she did not need to wait that long. Just three days of eliminating gluten from her diet eliminated her schizophrenic symptoms, though truthfully, she still needed to address other issues affecting her gut health…. Which she was able to do through dietary and lifestyle changes, without the use of any medication whatsoever. Meanwhile, in the second scenario, the child takes the prescribed medication and within about a week, commits suicide by lighting himself on fire! This was a sad and horrible tragedy for both this boy and his family that should never be allowed to happen. I took it personally and dug into the research.

I learned that we are in an epidemic of chronic disease and that our way of life and our environment is at the root of it. I learned that we are surrounded by things that are creating health issues for us and that there is a 17-year gap between the research and standard medical practices. I also learned, however, that there are things we can each do to make a difference. I learned, for example, that we exercise the power to vote when we make a purchase and that we can vote against corporations engaged in committing crimes against humanity for the sake of making money. I also learned that nature is filled with grace and that our body’s ability to heal is much greater than we have been led to believe.

With the right information and the right motivation, each of us is able to make a tremendous difference in the quality of our lives.

My purpose and my passion are to help us get there.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and invite you to connect with me.

Peg E. Peterson

Arlenne Lozano

My time spent with Peg was an eye opener. I wish more people could see the value of a health and life coach. I personally appreciate Peg as my coach. She touched simple concepts and exercises that were able to dig deep within me and allow clarity and an empowering sense of direction. I am very grateful for her time and knowledge. I am loving my new path and excited to see what new adventures and possibilities are coming my way. THANK YOU, PEG!

Fitness Instructor Hannah LeBrun

Peg is so passionate and knowledgeable about healthy living and it’s so inspiring. In our meeting, she taught me things about my food I didn’t even know before. Her story is incredible and her passion is contagious!  

Connie Lampe

Peg is a patient, kind teacher and a compassionate advocate! She has a real heart for helping others heal and be their healthiest self physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. After following Peg’s program, I’ve experienced reduced inflammation and pain, more flexibility, higher energy levels, better sleep, less depression and anxiety, and greater joy, hope, and gratitude in my life! I know she can do the same for you! 

Holly Coleman

Peg really helped get out of my rut. I was feeling super directionless and indecisive about everything at the moment, and I needed a gentle push in the right direction. Peg absolutely was that for me. It’s not always easy asking for help, but she was ready to help and took initiative with finding solutions to all the issues I was having. Having someone on my team who was determined to see me win a bit at life was so encouraging. Also, all the advice that she gave me are tools that I can keep using down the road. Really one of the best self-care decisions I’ve ever made!

Michael Clay

In the years that I have had the pleasure of knowing Peg, I have found her to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable about gut and internal health issues. Peg has shown delight and enthusiasm in learning all that she can about the subject and helping whoever she can to both understand and find relief from these issues. She has a deep and widespread love for the improvement of health in all those who seek to better their own situation. From family members and personal struggles, to those she has just met, I have witnessed Peg taking the time to educate, encourage, and excite those around her with her story and wisdom.

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